• 2015 BIB SHORT
  • 2015 BIB SHORT
  • 2015 BIB SHORT


$ 1,200.00 $ 2,500.00


This gem matches the official 2015 GFNY Cozumel race jersey Made in Italy by Biemme and provided exclusively to all GFNY Cozumel 15 racers.

The bibs come with the FX 13 Pad by Biemme which offers a unique perforated system which allows the heat and humidity to pass through the pad. This great feature avoids over-heating and accumulation of humidity during the hot days of riding.  Great bib short to wear in the Cozumel heat.

Important features include:

  • Exceptionally shock absorbant
  • Self-shaping
  • Non-toxic

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